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HR Services and Consultancy
> HR Infrastructure
> Employment Law
> Employee Issues
> Performance Management
> Compensation and Benefits
> Recruitment
> Competencies
Organisation Design and Transformation
> M&A, TUPE, Due Diligence and Outsourcing

> Organisation Design and Development

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HR Infrastructure
Setting up contracts of employment, employee handbooks and company policies

Employment Law
Keeping you up to date with developments in employment law and ensuring that all your employee practices are legally compliant. We are backed up by a recognised and business focused employment law practice for any complicated issues.

Employee Issues
Providing you with support in dealing with any employee issues, from dealing with performance, disciplinary processes.
Solving complex staff issues through the application of professional Human Resource knowledge and expertise.
Providing mediation in complex staff relationship issues.

Performance Management
Developing performance management systems and supporting your managers when dealing with performance issues with your employees.

Compensation and Benefits
Ensuring your employee benefits are attractive, cost effective and benchmarked against other companies.
Design of incentive plans and bonus schemes to drive growth and profitability of your organisation.
Harmonising of terms and conditions and benefits post merger or integration.

Recruitment and Competences
Supporting your organisation in developing sound recruitment practices. Design and implementation of competency frameworks and behavioural inventories for a range of functions including, sales, marketing, service, manufacturing, R&D etc.
Design and delivery of a range of assessment and development centres for diverse roles including commercial, technical, finance.