Depending on your project or the service you are looking for, it can be difficult to choose provider to do it for you.  We understand that you want to be in control of your costs and therefore we are flexible in how we approach the fees for our assignments.  Below you'll find an overview of our pricing structure.  For our HR consultancy services you will only pay for what you use.


We will always work with you to understand the situation you're looking to manage or what you're looking to achieve and then we'll then give you an estimate of the time required to complete the assignment.


Of course, this will be an estimate and things may change along the way as we are dealing with people and that can be unpredictable.  We will always agree any work before it is undertaken and we keep you updated on the costs as they accrue.


Below you will find some examples of our rates, however, give us a call to get a quote based on your own specific needs and requirements.

  • HR consultancy from £85 per hour
  • Contract of employment from £350
  • Employee handbook from £500
  • Training and Development day rate £700
  • Coaching from £2,500 per person (6 sessions)

All prices exclude VAT